Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Unitec School of Architecture’s architecture design research journal, Asylum. For a third year, the journal combines student work from across the architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design and interior design disciplines. The journal seeks to draw attention to the development of understanding of design as a vehicle for research, alongside academic peer-reviewed papers looking more generally at architectural design research. As ever, the publication is designed and brought together by a team of enthusiastic and creative students that turn their emerging architectural training to one of interrogating the boundaries and relationships of text and imagery on a two-dimensional page.

This section presents student work from the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture (Professional) programmes.

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Editors: Anna Bulkeley, Dr Renata Jadresin Milic, Dr Yusef Patel, Peter McPherson

ISSN: 2463-4190

Date of publication: 27.12.2022