There are several steps you can take before you go to appeal for different types of academic issues such as:

  • The final grade outcome
  • Affected Performance Consideration decision
  • Award of a qualification
  • Decision about an enrolment in or admission to a Programme or Course
  • Progression in a Programme
  • Exclusion from any course work or assessment

Before going to appeal we recommend you take the following steps. You may be able to come to an agreement before it gets to the appeal stage:

  • Firstly, talk to a student advocate. They can talk you through your options and advise on who you should contact and what you should do. For more information, visit our Student Advocates page.
  • Many issues can be resolved by talking to the Academic Leader for the programme or the Head of Pathway and Practice. You can work with the student advocate to assist with this.

For example, if you’re unhappy with an exam grade you can also take the following steps before appealing:

  1. Request to have your exam script returned: To have your exam script returned, complete a Request for Exam Script form and return your completed form to your Academic Leader. Once you have your exam script, you can then request to go through it with your lecturer. There is no charge to request an exam script.
  2. Request to have your exam marks recounted: You can apply to have your exam script recounted at a cost of $25 (inc GST). A lecturer will check the marking has been correctly calculated. If you would like to apply for a recount on a recent exam script, please complete the Request for Recount form and return it, with payment, to any Student Central. Note: This is not a re-marking of your exam script; it is a recount of the marks. You must apply for a recount within 15 days of receiving your result notification.
  3. Book an appointment with a Student Advocate: After going through your exam script, if you still feel your results are unfair, you can discuss how to appeal the final grade or apply for a restricted pass grade with a Student Advocate.

Formal Appeal

If a final decision has been made and you are still not happy you can appeal within 15 working days of the final decision being made..

You may only appeal your final grade on the following two grounds:

  1. If additional information has become available which was not available and could not reasonably have been made available at the time the original decision was made; or
  2. If there was a material irregularity in the conduct of Summative Assessment on the Course, in the procedures of the Programme(s) Committee or the Faculty Academic Committee. A ‘material irregularity’ means anything that is incorrect or unfair.

Examples include incorrect information from Unitec about assessment requirements, or staff having not followed policy.

Please note that you cannot contest academic judgments.

If you would like to appeal a final decision and you can appeal on either of the two grounds stated earlier, please fill out the form and email it to

Notice of Appeal Form » 

Supporting Academic Documents

You can read the following documents, Procedure for the Conduct of Appeals, Assessment and Grading Procedures and Regulations, and Examinations Regulationson the Unitec Policies page

Looking for how to make a complaint

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