Come to our free workshops over the school holidays and get a taste of what it's like being a Unitec student. 

We are not charging but respectfully request that you bring a koha of a can of food - we will donate half of all proceeds to Auckland City mission and half to the Student Support Team for Unitec students experiencing hardship.

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July Workshops (for school students in years 11 to 13)

Waitākere Campus

Youth Work // Monopoly - the real edition: 17 July, 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm 
Play a redesigned version of monopoly and you'll learn how colonisation lead to many problems in Aotearoa, why they still stick around, and what we can do to fix the system.

Mt Albert Campus

App-Lab: 12 - 13 July, 9am - 2pm
Design, code, and digitally market your iOS app.

Cars and Welding: 10 July, 9am - 3pm
Learn how to change a timing belt on an engine, wire up lighting circuits using state of the art simulation equipment, diagnose faults using a scan tool, check an automotive battery and charging system, and use a virtual welder.

Digital Marketing: 9 - 11 July, 10am - 2pm
Get a taste what it’s like to be a digital marketer in 2018. Learn how to write both targetted ads and emails, perform strategic keyword research, measure key performance indicators, and find out how to select the right product and price point from our Google Certified consultant.

Design for Good: 16 - 19 July, 9 - 3pm
Run as a 'Google-Sprint’ you'll research, plan, and design an interactive website or app for a positive cause for a real client. You'll work in a team and also get mentored by academic and industry professionals.

Design // Style and Construction: 18 - 20 July, 9am - 3pm
Discover how designers create furniture . You'll work through the whole process of sketching, ergonomics, prototyping with scale-models, and drawing up the final design and you'll visit a local furniture design studio and manufacturer to see how fully works.

Electronics // Build, Modify and Trial a Game: 16 July, 9am - 3pm
Build an electronic game that tests hand-eye coordination. First you'll learn about the theory of operation for certain electronic components so you can then do something with this information. You'll develop modifications to improve on the basic design, trial your modifications in a computer simulation so that by the end you'll build a prototype to take home.

Lighting // Basic Rigging and PC-based Lighting Software (Chamsys MagicQ): 11 July, 9:30am – 4pm
Get hands-on experience in a professional environment and use industry-standard gear. Bring your own laptop, so you can use free software so that you can rig, programme and operate a brief theatrical lighting show on a real lighting rig.
Lighting // Moving Lights: 12 July, 9:30am – 4pm
You’ll explore and programme a range of modern lighting fixtures and present a brief show with the help of our expert tutors.

Robotics: 10 - 11 July, 9 am - 2pm
Learn how to build and programme a robot and operate it using your very own smart device.

Screen Bites: 20 July, 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Considering a career in film and television? Learn what it takes to be a screen professional and get a taste of the creative, business and technical skills of directing, writing, production, sound, editing and camera.

Sound Engineering // How to design sound for theatre: 10 July, 9:30am – 4pm
Get hands-on experience designing, programming and playing out a theatrical soundscape using industry-standard software.

Studio Photography and Editorial Design: 9 - 11 July, 9am - 3pm
Deepen your skills in studio photography in our large and professionally equipped studio. Under the guidance of technical and academic staff you'll learn a number of lighting techniques so you can shoot more situations. You’ll curate and digitally edit your images before composing a double page editorial spread, exploring the relationship between text and image.

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October Workshops (for school students in Year 11 to 13)

Mt Albert Campus

Animation in Action // Motion Graphics with 3D Software: 1 - 2 October, 9am - 3pm
Learn how to use Autodesk’s next Mash animation system in Maya to produce animated assets for motion graphic and game development. 

App-Lab: 3 - 4 October, 9am - 2pm
Design, code, and digitally market your iOS app.

Gamers - Make Your First Game using Unity: 3 - 5 October, 9am - 3pm
Learn about the Unity workspace. You'll find out about a number of different production methadologies with the Unity environment to produce assets for branding, gaming, and augmented reality.

Pacific Edge to Success - Go Beyond the Reef: 3 - 4 October, 10am - 2pm 
A Pacific workshop that coach’s change and a new way of thinking to help empower you and help navigate you to success, happiness and desire.

Robotics: 3 - 4 October, 9 am - 2pm
Learn how to build and programme a robot and operate it using your very own smart device.

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