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The Effect of Airtightness on Indoor Air Quality in Timber Houses in New Zealand

This two-part study considers the impact of airtightness based on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) only. Two identical buildings (test and control) were constructed in Auckland, New Zealand. The test building contained an Intello vapour check membrane to reduce airflow and… Continue Reading →

Change and Development in Glen Eden, 2017

This report is stage one of a report on change and development issues in Glen Eden. The Waitakere Ranges Local Board commissioned staff of the Social Practice Department of Unitec to carry out a two-stage report. This first stage is… Continue Reading →

Counsellor Clients as Insider Experts in a School Community

This paper describes a practice developed at a large secondary school in Auckland whereby students’ experiences of overcoming problems are made available to others in the form of insider brochures. These students are thus able to share their insights and… Continue Reading →

Delirium assessment and management: A qualitative study on aged-care nurses’ experiences

Aged residential care (ARC) residents with morbid health conditions frequently experience delirium. This condition is associated with diminished quality of life, preventable morbidity, and untimely death. It is challenging and costly to manage delirium because of the complex interplay of… Continue Reading →

Disclosure standards of large New Zealand companies: A content analysis study of compliance with the FMA’s corporate governance guidelines

This qualitative study is an attempt to gain some insights into the level of corporate governance disclosure in New Zealand. A sample of ten large publicly-listed companies was analysed to determine to what extent they fulfil the requirements of the… Continue Reading →

Contextualising the learning affordances of technology: An in-depth look at the developing practice of two modern language teachers

Affordance is an integral part of the practical knowledge teachers acquires while using new technologies in their teaching. This article describes the situated learning of two experienced modern language teachers using new technologies as they learned to perceive and implement… Continue Reading →

Non-regulated Home Support Worker role in medication support and administration: A scoping review of the literature prepared for the Home & Community Health Association

The aim of this literature review is to identify and critique literature relating to current policy, guidelines and practice of non-regulated caregivers in relation to medication while they are working with clients in their own homes. The scope of this… Continue Reading →

Preparing vocational students for future workplaces: Towards a course evaluation of the Unitec Bachelor of Applied Engineering

This exploratory study set out to evaluate how well a particular course in automotive engineering is set up to enable students to develop skills necessary to enter the workplace. The research set out to identify trends in student expectations and… Continue Reading →

Thinking while standing: An exploratory study on the effect of standing on cognitive performance

Sedentary behavior is extremely prevalent in Western societies and is significantly associated with an elevated risk of all-cause mortality that cannot be mitigated by physical activity. The introduction of standing desks into the workplace offers a solution to this inactivity,… Continue Reading →

Entry-level tertiary student perceptions of challenges when using a wiki: Trust and peer teaching

Wikis are widely used in blended learning educational settings with varying degrees of success. Scholarly attention increasingly regards student perceptions and experiences of using wikis as part of ongoing development. Students in entry-level education often belong to high-needs target groups… Continue Reading →

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