Following the launch of the Environmental Solutions Research Centre (ESRC) in September 2019 (covered in articles by Scoop and Voxy), the Director, Associate Professor Terri-Ann Berry, has co-authored a paper, Challenging Global Waste Management – Bioremediation to Detoxify Asbestos, with fellow Unitec staff members Shannon Wallis (first author), Associate Professor Dan Blanchon and Gregor Steinhorn. Terri-Ann is from the School of Building Construction, Shannon is a Research Associate with Unitec’s research office Tūāpapa Rangahau, Dan is from the School of Environmental and Animal Science, and Gregor is Research Partner Enterprise at Tūāpapa Rangahau. The publication was written in collaboration with co-authors at the University of Pennsylvania, the Fox Chase Cancer Center (PA, USA) and the University of Canberra. The paper is available as open access in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science.

You can read it here:

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