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Unitec engineer has weeds, cannabis in her sights

Since joining Unitec as Head of Practice Pathway in Engineering and Applied Technology in 2017, Melanie Ooi has been on fire. An expert in measurement with a focus on working with uncertainty in electrical and electronic engineering and computational intelligence,… Continue Reading →

How AI research could help predict floods

A Unitec research project using Artificial Intelligence to help predict rainfall run-off drew interest at a recent stormwater conference. Floods are becoming a more pressing problem in New Zealand; in fact, they are the country’s number-one hazard in terms of… Continue Reading →

Engineering a better environment

Reducing nitrogen pollution in waterways, testing indoor air quality, asbestos remediation, and more… Dr Terri-Ann Berry, Senior Lecturer and Environmental Researcher in Unitec’s Engineering Practice Pathway, and her engineering students are tackling issues that directly affect our health and habitat…. Continue Reading →

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