The effective date for processing any request for refund will be the date the fully completed International Student Refund Application form or Advice in Writing is received by International Student Support Services.

Students who apply for a place in a Course/programme remain liable for fees unless they withdraw in writing at least 14 days prior to the Semester start date (in which case the Student is entitled to a refund of 100% less a $500 admin fee).

Important information regarding refunds for International Students

All applications for refunds must be on the International Application for Refund Form.
1. An International Student in a Semesterised Programme who gains a Resident/Permanent Resident Visa will not receive a refund of fees for the semester in which residency is granted, unless they provide the documents required prior to the Semester start date. However, for the following semester(s) will be refunded any international fees paid beyond the semester in which residency was granted.
2. If a student is enrolled but not maintained or obtained a student visa then enrolment will be cancelled and no refund granted. 
3. International Students who wish to defer to the following semester must notify International Student Support Services before the semester start date. INZ will be notified of the deferral.
4. Where an International Student wishes to transfer to another institution they must have Immigration New Zealand (INZ) approval to do so. 

5. All refunds will be paid in NZ dollars, and

  • Paid directly into the student’s nominated bank account; or
  • Sent to the student in New Zealand on sighting a changed visa e.g. Visitors Visa or Work Permit or;
  • Sent to another institution, if requested in writing with the applicant’s signature and supported by evidence of an offer of place by the other institution and a Student Visa for that institution, and
  • In all instances, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will be notified.

6. If the contract of enrolment becomes frustrated due to Unitec no longer being entitled to enrol International students, then a student is entitled to either:

  • a refund of the fees paid for services that have yet to be delivered (as determined in accordance with clause 30(3)(a) of the Code of Practice; or
  • have the amount transferred to another education provider in accordance with clause 30(3)(b) of the Code of Practice.
7. There will be no refund for Summer School for a New Student or Student from another institution. 
8. There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if a Student changes his/her mind about studying at Unitec. 
9. Students who apply for a place in a Course/programme remain liable for fees unless they withdraw in writing as per the International Application for Refund Form.Refund form for International Students

Refund form for International students

If you are an International student and you would like to apply for a refund from Unitec, please fill in our International Student Refund Application form:

International Student Refund Application form

Admission, Enrolment and Fees Policy

The Admission, Enrolment and Fees Policy explains the entry criteria for Unitec programmes, including the conditions you need to meet, and the reasons we might decline an application. It also covers the enrolment process, and how and when to pay tuition fees. 

Admission, Enrolment & Fees Policy