I am not happy with my grade, what options do I have?

Students who believe there has been an error in the addition of the marks on their exam script or feel the marking was unfair, have the following options:

1. Request to have you exam script returned and go over it yourself or with your lecturer. A form needs to be filled up to obtain a copy of the exam script. The form then needs to submitted and the exam script needs to be collected from Student Central itself.

2. Request to have your exam marks recounted. If an error is recognized then the student can apply for the exam marks to be recounted by filling up this form. There is a charge of 424.75 for this service. The respective form needs to be submitted at Student Central along with the payment.

3. After going through your exam script and if you still feel your result was unfair, you can appeal the final grade by discussing it with the Student Advocate or call on 8154321 Ext 7336. For more details on Grade Appeals, please visit this page