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Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development
Volume 4, Issue 2, 2018

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Editorial / Report from IACD Practice Exchange, Ireland, 2018

John Stansfield

The experiences of diverse-gender tertiary students: Structural discrimination and microaggressions

Catherine Powell and Helen Gremillion

Laudato si’ – establishing local approaches for global ecological conversion

Anne Jennings

Engaging youth in community action research: a visual methods approach to HIV and AIDS awareness

Joys Eggins, Evangelia Papoutsaki and Verena Thomas

Placing youth in a volunteer framework

Maryanne Wardlaw

Rethinking the true impact of voluntourism in line with new community development standards

Eleanor Parkes

Poverty in New Zealand

David Haigh

Report / World Community Development Conference, Ireland, 2018

John Stansfield