Aims, Vision, and Objectives

    The Unitec Institute of Technology Applied Molecular Solutions Research Centre uses molecular tools and genetic data to transform our understanding of the world around us.
    By using existing technologies, and working to develop and validate new ones, we can address problems raised by the industries and communities that we work with.

    Techniques which allow for the rapid identification of organisms from small samples of biological or environmental material are being used to characterize biological communities, reconstruct food webs, describe the physiology of animals, and to understand how genes function in given ecological situations. These projects can lead to well-developed decision making, stronger protection for our environment, improved health of plants and animals, and better human health.

    Our aims

    1. To develop and apply appropriate technologies and analytical approaches to provide solutions for real problems in biodiversity, biosecurity, agriculture, animal welfare and health generated by industry and/or the community.
    2. To promote public awareness, increase knowledge and build capability in molecular biology and the issues around biotechnology.

    Research Projects