21.11.17 - Free entry to Uni Shorts 2017

Uni Shorts 2017 promo video from Unitec Creative Industries on Vimeo.

Uni Shorts 2017 promo video from Unitec Creative Industries on Vimeo.

Entry to Uni Shorts 2017 is FREE. Just turn up!

Awards night is this Thu, 23 Nov at Unitec’s Mt Albert campus in Auckland in The Chapel in Building One, Entry 1, off Carrington Rd.

Check out this year’s exciting lineup of student short films

Email for more info or visit for a full program.

05.10.16 - Programme confirmed for Uni Shorts 2016

Venue: Red Lecture Theatre, Building 180, Entry 3, Carrington Rd, Unitec Mt Albert, Auckland

PROGRAMME – Saturday, 15 October

9:00am Registration Desk Opens

9:30am Introduction & Guest speaker

9:45am Screening session 1 (63 min)

Natural Attraction (Germany) – Animation 5:17
Generation Girl (Australia) – Undergraduate Fiction 9:55
Man in the cinema house (Philippines) – Experimental 17:06
Keeping Balance (Austria) – Documentary 5:12
Fragments of our memory (India) – Documentary 9:46
Lookout (Israel) – Undergraduate Fiction 18:16

10:50am Morning tea

11:15am Screening session 2 (60 min)

re/belief (USA) – Animation 6:55
Not like her (NZ) – Postgraduate Fiction 14:04
Probation (Germany) – Postgraduate Fiction 7:52
Jasmine and Jerome (NZ) – Undergraduate Fiction 4:34
Nvader (NZ) – Secondary Schools/Documentary 12:31
Razor (Russia) – Undergraduate Fiction 16:06

12:15pm Lunch

1:15pm Screening session 3 (60 min)

Sophie’s World (NZ) – Experimental 8:01
The Rate’s Cut (Spain) – Documentary 14:49
Horizon (NZ) – Animation 2:40
Two (NZ) – Secondary Schools/Fiction 9:04
Disillusion (China) – Experimental 5:56
Neverland now (Germany) – Undergraduate Fiction 19:02

2:15pm Afternoon Break

3:00pm Screening session 4 (60 min)

Shadowboxer (Austria) – Undergraduate Fiction 17:33
LaValla (Australia) – Documentary 8:31
Warm Snow (Israel) – Animation 5:26
Terpsichore (NZ) – Experimental 2:09
Time Machine (NZ) – Secondary Schools/Fiction 3:10
To The Rescue (NZ) – Secondary Schools/Documentary 5:06
Connected (NZ) – Secondary Schools/Fiction 18:38

4:00pm Conclusion of Screening


4:30pm Refreshments

5:00pm End

29.02.16 - Entry Deadline extended to March 11

Great news! As many schools are only returning from their holiday break, we have extended the entry deadline to 11 March 2016.

So if you haven’t submitted your film to Uni Shorts 2016 yet, and your film is 20 minutes or less and entirely student-made as part of a course of study between Nov 2013-Dec 2015, we will accept your film as long as your entry is postmarked on or before 11 March.

While we have received many entries already, we would love to see more student films in the Experimental (Non-Narrative), Animation, Documentary and Post-graduate Fiction genres/categories. So a special note to all Design and Animation schools, we would welcome your student work!

Go to to enter now!

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