Established in 2012, the Centre for Computational Intelligence and Cybersecurity (CCICS) has partnerships with industry and other tertiary organisations, Masters student research, and externally funded research projects. We are also working with companies to develop software based on our computer science research. We have come to mutually beneficial agreements to share and protect the Intellectual Property and to commercialise the software for international export.

Cybersecurity projects and partnerships

Currently, Unitec is engaged in the following activities:

  • A $2.2m contract in the MBIE-funded project STRATUS -  Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Trust and User-centric Services in the Cloud, led by University of Waikato. The project aims at returning data control to users, and our area of research is focused on data resiliency and recovery in the cloud. We are in the process of developing our results into a unique disaster recovery product.
  • In CCICS we collaborate with Japan’s leading high-tech research organisation, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).
  • Together with industry partners we are developing a new curriculum for educating tomorrows’ cybersecurity experts.