Claire O'Shaughnessy

JOB: Landscape Architect, Jasmax

QUALIFICATION: Master of Landscape Architecture

"I love creating spaces that can be enjoyed by the public, and it’s exciting to be working in a time when the city is willing to change for the better. I enjoy being a part of this movement and keep pushing client expectations through innovation and place-specific designs. Some of the highlights of my career so far are seeing people enjoy the first park I worked on and having an article I wrote published in the Landscape Architecture NZ magazine. I want to continue creating places that enhance this city and allow us to move into the future in an environmentally and socially responsible manner."

Be prepared to work with some brilliant people who are extremely passionate about the discipline. The staff were fantastic and seemed to be genuinely interested in my work. I had incredible supervisors who pushed my thinking and made sure that I got the most out of my research. The programme can be a bit of a hard slog – especially if you’re studying part-time while still working in the industry – but having a research area that you really want to investigate definitely makes it all worthwhile."