Programme overview

This programme is no longer offered for new enrolments. If you have applied for this programme we will contact you about moving to the new and improved New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation – Music.

This programme will equip you with the skills you need for higher-level study and a successful career in music composing, performing, producing or teaching. The Certificate in Music (Introductory) improves your understanding of musical history and styles from New Zealand and beyond, lets you experiment with new music technologies, and helps you transition into a rewarding career as a musician or in the music-related industries.

You’ll be studying alongside like-minded people who’ll have a range of different musical skills and talents, which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities to collaborate.


• Practical music-making sessions, rehearsals and tutorials
• Numerous opportunities for musical expression and creativity
• Inspiring and professional lecturers who are well-known and highly regarded in the industry
• An opportunity to discover how to make and write music using computers and acoustic instruments

What next?

The Certificate in Music (Introductory) acts as a bridging route for those who want to study the Diploma in Contemporary Music, but who don't currently meet the entry requirements. 

Admission requirements

For this programme, you will need the following:

1. A minimum of 8 credits at NCEA Level 2 in English (4 in reading, 4 in writing)
2. Be at least 16 years old by the time the programme begins
3. A minimum of 3 years secondary education or equivalent
4. Demonstrate competence in aural and musical abilities by attending an audition/interview
5. If English is your second language, you will need to have one or more of the following:

  • Have achieved NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand University entrance
  • Be able to provide evidence you satisfy our criteria for existing English proficiency
  • Have achieved at least one English proficiency outcome in the last two years

Don’t meet the requirements? We also accept:

  • Completion of the Unitec Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 2) or equivalent; or
  • Provide sufficient evidence to be eligible for special or discretionary admission.

For more information download the programme regulations.

Programme Regulations

Courses and timetables

For more details on the courses including timetables, please click on the course names below.

Music Skills (PASA3401) 15 credits (0.125 EFTS)To facilitate the development of a broad range of music notational and aural skills, and mathematical understandings related to musical knowledge.
Music Studies (PASA3404) 15 credits (0.125 EFTS)To enable a broad understanding of music history through the ages and around the world, and enhance understanding of the contexts of New Zealand and contemporary musics in cultural history. To provide opportunities for students to enhance their literacy and research skills, reading comprehension and critical thinking.