Reputation Management (COMM7536)

15 (0.125 EFTS)
To develop awareness of the internal and external information networks that contribute to the public image of an organisation. Students will evaluate the communication management requirements of those networks in a variety of stable, change and crisis situations.
Pre-requisites / Co-requisites: 
Pre-requisite: COMM6535 or COMM6435. Restriction: COMM7436.
Topics include: 

The macro / micro information environment of organisations.
Relationships between internal and external organisational information networks.
Media management, public relations management
Theories of persuasion, mass media, social diffusion theory
Determinants of public image, identity & reputation, advocacy & lobbying methodologies, communication and information strategies in stable, change or crisis situations.
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Class: 5148

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From – ToSessionDayTimeCampus (Room)
23 Jul 18 - 24 Sep 18 LectureMonday12:30 - 16:30 Mt Albert (170-2066)
15 Oct 18 - 19 Nov 18 LectureMonday12:30 - 16:30 Mt Albert (170-2066)
Note: This course is offered as part of Bachelor of Creative Enterprise, Bachelor of Communication (Event Management), Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), Graduate Diploma in Creative Enterprise, Graduate Diploma in Event Communication.

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