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Career in early childhood education a family affair

Tuakana-teina takes on a whole new meaning for siblings Greg & Imogen, who are both pursuing a career in early childhood education.

Hacker hero

Do you ever stop to think about how fast technology is evolving, and what that might mean for the safety of our phones, computers, or tablets?

Creative Practice student wins Youth Award at prestigious painting and drawing awards

Danae Ripley, a Master of Creative Practice student at Unitec, has won the Craigs Investment Partners Youth Award in the recent annual Molly Morpeth Canaday Award -- Painting and Drawing.

My classroom is a West-Auckland social service

Making the decision to become a qualified social worker has done more than just prepare Leastra Davis, 38, for a rewarding career – it’s helped her overcome traumatic personal experiences.

The importance of building a more diverse police service

For 15 years Unitec has been working with the New Zealand Police to help diversify its intake of students. Jihee Junn looks at how Unitec’s ‘pre-police’ course is changing the...

Engineering a better future – working with water

Kevin Manalo is a third-year part-time student, who’s learning on-site at civil Engineering solution firm Pipeline and Civil.

Circus meets Theatre

Our classroom is a circus theatre. If you love both theatre and circus, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the two elements can be combined to form a social...

The business students and the bees

Business students majoring in marketing were recently given an insider’s guide to the lives of bees, but what exactly do the lives of bees have to do with marketing?

Dog training programme more than a walk in the park

Most people would ignore the constant crying of dogs in their neighbourhood, but for Augusta Grayson, it was what drove her back to study.

How computer vision is changing recreational fishing

Knowledge can make us stronger,” says Jing (Jane) Zhao. She’s right, of course. And when it comes to keeping our fisheries strong, knowledge is power.
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