AMS Summer Intern 2020/2021

Holly Goodman, a second year Unitec Bachelor of Applied Science student, was awarded an AMS summer studentship to work on a project on comparing the effectiveness of different sampling techniques for detecting Cryptosporidia in native reptiles. She will be supervised by Dr Marleen Baling. The project is a collaboration with Dr An Pas, senior vet at Auckland Zoo.

Holly is originally from Southampton, England, and she moved to New Zealand when she was 6 years old. She has always had a passion for animals and currently work part-time in a doggy day care facility. Holly started at Unitec studying for the NZ Certificate in Animal Care, which then led her to a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2019. Through the degree she found a profound love for reptiles and amphibians. Holly’s future aspirations are to learn more about New Zealand’s native herpetofauna and contribute to their conservation. Alongside her love of animals, she enjoys drawing, singing and playing football.

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