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Virtual Session with Fulton Hogan

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Join the Fulton Hogan Team as they bring you insights into the current job market in Construction and Engineering and how they respond to the COVID-19 challenge.

About Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan is a family owned business, committed to ensuring the work they do today will make a real difference to people's lives. The business started in 1933 with a team of two people. Through strong teamwork and a desire to get things done, they created the foundations of a company that continues to do good work. Today, Fulton Hogan employs more than 7,800 people across New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

Why attend?

  • If you're keen to find out about what's happening in the construction and engineering sector and learn how Fulton Hogan responds to the current crisis, then come.
  • This session will also provide you the opportunity to ask them relevant questions on the current job market.
  • Use this chance to build a network within the construction and engineering industry.

Join the Online Session here