Virtual Desktops are coming to Unitec

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Unitec are introducing an exciting new solution approach to computing called “Virtual Desktop.” 

Virtual desktop software allows a user’s desktop environment (icons, windows, folders, toolbars etc) to be stored remotely on a server allowing more flexible work spaces so you can 'work anywhere from any platform at any time'. There will be two versions of the Virtual Desktop a standard build for students in the commons areas of Te Puna and a special build for Trades, Engineering and Construction students, Electrotech labs and Mataaho building. Unitec IMS will deliver Virtual Desktops (where appropriate) to the following areas: Electrotech labs in 112-3001 and three labs in B170 plus the new Mataaho and Te Puna buildings.

Early next year, Unitec IMS will then look into further rollouts across the campus and how (Bring your own device) BYOD and Remote Access can be introduced.

If you are experiencing any issues when attempting to access virtual desktop, please check if the monitor is turned ON respectively see if the PC which is mounted under the desk is ON (Power button is lit).

If you still do not get the Login screen or the workstation is non-responsive, Information Management Services (IMS) would appreciate that you give notification to the Ask Me desk in Te Puna or contact IMS Help Desk on 0800 ASK IMS (0800 275 467).