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Unitec's 2016 Shakespeare Season opens this Friday 10 June

  • Shakespeare Season

Unitec’s graduating acting class have been divided into two companies to present As You Like It and The Winter’s Tale.

As You Like It could be the prototype of Romantic Comedy blending heroism with sentiment and pure fun. Themes of injustice, forgiveness and love run through the play, but all the while a sense of play pervades all. Directed by Calum Gittins. Opens June 10th.
The Winter’s Tale is both comedic and sad with themes of jealousy and suspicion playing alongside patience and hope. A man eating bear, a statue that comes to life, rogues and clowns, the play is peopled with such an array of extra-ordinary characters. Directed by Paul Gittins. Opens June 11th. 
This season of back-to-back Shakespeare sees the Unitec acting programme at its best; talented and skilled performers, top industry directors and The Bard himself. Don’t miss out!

Find out more! Watch the trailer to hear from the directors and actors:

Unitec Shakespeare Season schedule:

Date Time Play
Friday, 10 June 7pm As You Like It
Saturday, 11 June 7pm The Winter’s Tale
Monday, 13 June  7pm As You Like It
Tuesday, 14 June  7pm The Winter’s Tale
Wednesday, 15 June 7pm As You Like It
Thursday, 16 June 7pm The Winter’s Tale
Friday, 17 June 7pm As You Like It
Saturday, 18 June 7pm The Winter’s Tale

Both plays will be performed at the Unitec Theatre, Entry 1, Carrington Rd, Unitec Mt Albert campus, Auckland.

Buy tickets or call (09) 361 1000.

Cost: $15 Adults, $10 Concession (unwaged, seniors, Unitec staff), $5 Students/Unitec grads – ID may be required


The Winter's Tale Unitec 2016

The Winter's Tale
Saale Ilaua  -------------------------------- Leontes/Clown

Nina Teauraki  ---------------------------- Hermione/Mopsa/Bear

Marianne Infante -------------------------  Mamillius/Chorus/Perdita

Whitney O’Connor-Palmer ------------- Paulina/Dorcas

Anna Thomas ------------------------------ Camilla/Gaoler/Chorus

Aaron Richardson ------------------------- Polixenes/Chorus/Mariner

Lucas Haugh -------------------------------- Servant/Florizel

George Shead ------------------------------- Antigonus/Old Shepherd

Matt Smith ----------------------------------- Emile/Autolycus


As You like It Unitec 2016


As You Like It
Conil Tod --------------------------------------------- Orlando

Forrest Denize  ------------------------------------- Adam/ Phebe

Lisa Swinbanks ------------------------------------ Olivia/ Corin

Kyle Shields ---------------------------------------  Charles/Duke Senior/Sir Oliver Martext/William

Carla Newton --------------------------------------  Rosalind

Melissa Cameron --------------------------------- Celia

Todd Waters ---------------------------------------- Touchstone

Grace Cullen --------------------------------------- Monsieur Le Beau/ Jaques

Dylan Underwood -------------------------------- Duke Frederick/Silvius/ Amiens

For more information:contact Peter Rees, Performing and Screen Arts Promotions Coordinator, (09) 815 4321 or email