Unitec Industry Training Association Building apprentice wins national title

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The winner of the 2016 New Zealand Carpentry Apprentice Challenge (NZCAC) National Final was Clement Richer from North Auckland (Unitec), while Adam Johnson representing South Auckland (Unitec) came third.  

Eleven regional challenge winners assembled in Wellington to contest the National Final of the Apprentice Challenge. It was apparent right from the start just how professional and committed to this year’s national final they all were. They quickly bonded with each other and formed a tight group who enjoyed each other’s company, who stuck together and enjoyed themselves throughout the final.

The total prize pool was in excess of $40,000 with each apprentice coming away with prizes to the value of $2000 each, thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors.

All the finalists were quality apprentices, sharing the same passion for building, with no doubt a bright future in this industry. The competition was tough, no one could have picked a clear favourite. As far as I’m concerned, I met ten great men coming from diverse backgrounds in the hopes of becoming the 2016 Apprentice of the Year. They are a credit to the apprenticeship programme and the industry will thrive with builders of this calibre.”
– Winning Apprentice | Clement Richer, Winner – 2016 NZCAC

I was on the judging panel for the first time, representing both the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP) sector, and as chair of the Apprentice Scholarship Trust (AST).  I was so impressed with the passion and the knowledge all contestants had for their industry. These guys were well prepared, and addressed even the challenging questions in a positive manner. I was also taken with the range and scale of work the apprentices are taking on (and in many cases supervising), they also all recognised the value of the training they are getting through the Industry Training Association Building (ITAB) partnership.
 – Judge’s Comments | Brian Dillon, Judge – NZCAC

Congratulations to all the National Finalists, on behalf of Unitec and New Zealand Certified Builders Association on a job well done! It’s particularly pleasing to see such a high standard of apprentices emerging from our Industry Training Associated Building (ITAB) programme and we wish each of you all the very best for your future.

Image Left to Right: Leni Fifita (Unitec ITAB Coordinator); Clement Richer (National Winner); Adam Johnson (3rd Place); Daniel Fuemana (Head of Building Construction and Services).

Watch videos from 18th Annual NZCB Conference :

Adam Johnson NZ Carpentry Apprentice of the year

Clement Richer, Winner of the NZ Carpentry Apprentice of the year