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Unitec Graduation Show 2019: Te Pakkhai (The Bacchae)

A bi-lingual version of Euripides classic tragedy.

On a Pacific island that looks like Aotearoa; in an age gone by that sounds like our age, a young king is making a fool of himself. He locks up women who seek freedom to dance and sing, he mocks the prophet, he abuses his given power and is blind to his fate. His downfall is brutal; the God takes no prisoners and tragedy bites deep to the bone.

Te Pakkhai confronts issues of power, revenge, sexism and the consequence of turning away from divinity; divinity of self, divinity of creation. 3000 years old. Modern as.

Ka hari te tangata mohio nei, ki te Maoritanga o te wairua - ‘Happy is the wise person in the purity of the soul’. Te Pakkhai

In this innovative version of The Bacchae, graduating Unitec acting students perform in te reo Maori and English. Industry guests work alongside students as directors, designers and cultural guides.

Directors: Arianna Williams, Teiaro Taikato & John G. Davies

8-16 November 7pm

Unitec Theatre

Entry 1, 139 Carrington Rd

Mt Albert, Auckland

Warning: Loud noise, haze R15

Get your tickets at  or call (09) 361 1000


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