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Telling stories through The Living Community

  • Living Community

Students in Communication and Performing and Screen Arts have been involved in a collaborative project to create a series of TV documentaries we have called ‘The Living Community’. These were broadcast on Sky’s Face TV in April and May 2015, and we are now sharing them here. 

The project gave our students the chance to experience the media production process from story planning, community research and interviewing through to presenting, film crew roles on location and in the studio, and video editing. Teamwork on a real production project like this is a huge development opportunity, preparing students for the challenge of jobs in the media, communication and creative screen and storytelling professions.

If you would like further information please contact the Project Lead Jocelyn Williams or Executive Producer Alexander Lee.

View the series of six episodes of The Living Community here:

Violence Free Waitākere

Elaine Dyer, CE of Violence Free Waitākere, and Geoff Bridgman, community development researcher from Unitec, discuss one of their many community resilience projects in the West. We hear them talk about the background to this work, and look in on a workshop preparing young people through role-playing and music to engage with children / youth about bullying issues and solutions.

Rosebank Art Walk

In 2013 twenty-five designers, artists or art collectives, working with key community groups including the local school and businesses, explored, researched and responded to the Rosebank Road industrial location. Marcus Williams, Rosebank Art Walk curator, presents and interviews key people in the story of this innovative community urban renewal “art walking” event.

CUE Haven

CUE Haven is a project to turn a 59 acre farm into native forest to create a haven for plant and bird life and a place for future generations to enjoy. Students visited the Kaipara location to interview the owners, Tom and Mahrukh Stazyk, about their vision, and Unitec design students who’ve had their “wayfinding” work installed there.

High Tech Youth Network, and Avondale Community Action

Learn about community projects at Studio MPHS (member of the High Tech Youth Network) and Avondale Community Action. At Henderson’s Studio MPHS, kids can drop in any day after school to do creative digital projects, tinker with robots, try out game design and more; members of Avondale Community Action work together to create a better future for Avondale.

Help me tell my story: More Than a War, Remembering 1914-1918

See what Unitec Communication students got involved in creating for More Than A War, Remembering 1914-1918, a collaborative transmedia project that aimed to bring to life personal stories of the years 1914 – 1918 for a public exhibition at the Henderson Library.  They researched oral histories, letters, manuscripts, and images, filmed interviews and fully explored a WW1 story world.  

Reflections on “The Living Community” from students and staff involved

Students who played key roles in The Living Community series talk about what they got out of the experience and what they loved; and staff (Production Manager Mark Ingram, Project Lead Jocelyn Williams, and Executive Producer Alex Lee) reflect on why it was worthwhile. Great moments from the series are featured.