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Techweek 2019: Healthy Air, Healthy Children Workshop

  • Techweek 2019

See how Unitec teaches high school students using technology to help raise environmental concerns at their school.

With the growing number of people living in the city, many schools are located near major roads, shops and industrial sites and therefore subsequent effect on indoor air quality may be significant. Air and noise quality can fluctuate rapidly throughout the day, for example, pollution caused by traffic can spike during the rush hour. Real-time monitoring systems can help individuals, parents, schools and communities improve awareness of how indoor air quality issues may affect them and thus help them adjust to minimize exposure.

In this workshop, you will learn how to assemble and programme a set of electronic sensors to monitor air and sound pollution in your learning environment. The data gathered by the equipment will then be uploaded to the Cloud and so that it can be viewed by everyone. The generation of a pollution map will enable everyone to monitor the air and noise quality around the school in much the same way as we can now monitor traffic jams in our smartphones.

Finally, an understanding of harmful levels of certain types of pollution will be provided so that students can return to school with both the equipment (in the form of small monitoring stations) and the knowledge to make a positive impact on their learning and home environments.

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