Students lift business sales

  • Students lift business sales

You don’t get much for twenty five bucks these days, so when Unitec’s Digital Marketing lecturer, Patrick Dodd, approached a range of small businesses and challenged them to let his students run a full online marketing campaign for a mere $25, the response was huge. 

The project saw students assigned in pairs to a business and tasked with designing a two-week Google Adwords campaign, with CTR (click-through rates) being the metric of success. Google was impressed enough with the idea to subsidise the initiative three-to-one, contributing $75 to each campaign. 

Bachelor of Business student Hannah Lawley took the opportunity to connect with industry and gain vital hands on experience. She ran a successful online marketing campaign to increase advertising exposure for Eileen Lee's Discount Tractor Parts. “It just stunned me how effective it was. I would go so far as to say this is essential for any business and anybody can access this technology,” says Hannah. “It's amazing to me that a small business can double its business overnight. 

“A company that might have come up on page ten of Google before can now be on top of page one. It was such an eye-opener to me that we, as students, could make such a difference.” 

September sales for Eileen’s business increased significantly as a result of the exposure that the Adwords project created. “We just needed a young person to show us how,” says Eileen. “Before, we’d done some trials in various papers for big money and gotten maybe one or two extra responses, but with this, the phone started ringing right away.” 

Hannah says that by applying knowledge from her digital marketing programme she was able to effectively grow the business, while at the same time gaining invaluable work experience. "Unitec's digital marketing programme has given me the opportunity to experience, evaluate and get an insight into the real life work environment related to my field of study. It will greatly benefit me as I move forward to pursue my career.”