COVID-19 update - what you need to know at traffic light levels

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Stay kind

Advice and tips on how to stay kind and well during this time.

Simple tips

A few simple tips for you at this time:

  • Be kind
  • Don't panic buy
  • Check-in on people: kaumātua (elderly), whānau (family), friends, classmates, and neighbours
  • Allow essential services workers to the front of the line at supermarkets
  • Don't browse when you shop, get what you need and get out
  • Stay connected online

COVID-19 offical website

For advice and information during this lockdown period, please see the offical government website

Go to official COVID-19 website

Stay connected with us

Connect with us on our official Unitec Students channels:

Check-in online with each other, keep socialising online with each other during this time #UnitecStudents



If you have any questions related to your studies, in the first instance, contact your lecturer.

Student Services

Our Student Services are still operating during this lockdown period. Virtual consults will be available, via phone, email, or video.

To see how to access these services at this time, visit our Student Services Online page.

Go to Student Services Online page

For more information

Take care of yourself during this time, stay kind, stay well, stay informed. Kia kaha! Be strong!