Shireen Tresslor

  • Shireen Tresslor

JOB: Counsellor, Health Wellbeing Relationships Counselling Service, Auckland

QUALIFICATION: Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling

"My counselling practice focuses on the stories of people's lives and involves finding ways in which people can respond to whatever problem they are facing. I mainly draw on ideas from Narrative Therapy and approaches like Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I also facilitate a counselling and support group for people who have experienced loss. It’s about ‘reframing grief’, about finding new ways to include in our daily lives those who are no longer physically present. It’s about understanding the various feelings of longing, grief and even relief that we might experience as a result of loss. There are sessions sometimes where you see someone’s eyes light up and you can see your question has made them think in a way they had never thought before. That’s amazing.

Counselling is a field where you are very aware that you are working with peoples lives, particularly when they’re at their most vulnerable. Fortunately the classes were a good and supportive environment where we got to test things out. It was hard to see it all end, as the programme had been such a big part of my life for two years."