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School holiday workshops

  • School Holiday Workshops 2019

We offer a range of workshops for year 11, 12 and 13 secondary school students (or age equivalent).

Although we are not charging fees for the workshops, we respectfully request that you bring a koha of a can of food, or non-perishable food item (i.e. pasta, rice). Half of all proceeds will be donated to Auckland City mission and the other half will go to Unitec students experiencing hardship.

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April School Holiday Workshops

Mount Albert Campus

Building Stuff, 15th - 17th April (9am - 3pm)

Carpentry and concrete projects to take home.

Coding for Python, 15th April - 16th April (9am - 2pm)

By the end of the workshop, students will be able to control a Gopigo3 robot using the Python programming language.

Personal Training and the Gym Environment, 15th April (9am - 3pm)

Learn about nutrition for personal trainers and health. Explore the different jobs within the exercise industry. Practice ancestral movement and exercise using elements of Poi, Mau rākau and Te Reo Māori.

3D Drawing for Product and Furniture Design, 16th April (9am - 3pm)

This workshop will take you through a series of 3D sketching and drawing techniques that enable designers to explore and illustrate their concepts. From pencils, pens, and markers - you will improve your ability to draw products, vehicles, furniture and other three dimensional objects.

Intro to Early Childhood Practice, 16th April (9am - 3pm)

Explore teaching techniques for our early learners in this 'hands-on' workshop where participants will engage with early childhood resources.

ULead, 16th April (10am - 2pm)

You'll get an understanding of your own leadership potential, begin building your own skill framework and development areas, develop your connection skills, and get a broad understanding of ways to lead. Build skills that are transferable across careers and across life.

Drawing for Character & Figure, 17th April (9am - 3pm)

This course will focus on exploring figure drawing for illustration, animation, and graphic novels. Learning to draw the human figure and develop characters based on the human figure. This will enable students to construct their own characters and place these in action poses for animation or static images.

Studio Photography and Editorial Design, 17th April (9am - 3pm)

Deepen your skills in studio photography in our large and professionally equipped studio. Under the guidance of technical and academic staff you'll learn a number of lighting techniques so you can shoot more situations. You’ll curate and digitally edit your images before composing a double page editorial spread, exploring the relationship between text and image.

Fantastic Beasts and How to Mind Them, 17th April (10am - 2pm)

You’ll get to learn about and interact with some of the animals in our animal unit (Te Puna Kararehe). You’ll also work with gels in the research lab and be taught in Natural history.

Waitākere Campus

Intro to Nursing, 15th April (9.30am - 2pm) and 16th April (9.30am - 2pm)

See how nursing makes the world a better place every single day. During this workshop you’ll be in the labs learning how real bacteria can cause disease, what this means to humankind, and how nurses help prevent and treat disease. Plus, get to do some of things nurses do in our daily work so you can see how it feels. 

Please note: there will also School Holiday Workshops available in the July and October school holidays.

For any queries regarding school holiday workshops, please email us at