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Scala Series: Madagascar II: The Spiny Forest

  • Scala - Madagascar II

In May, Sue Wake presented on her travels to the rain forests of the east and the stone forests (Tsingy) at Bemaraha in the west of Madagascar. This is the second presentation on her experiences and learnings.

Sue presented a seminar in May of her travels to the rain forests of the east and the stone forests (Tsingy) at Bemaraha in the west of Madagascar. In this part 2 seminar she will head to the dry south with its spiny forests, home to greater biodiversity and more extreme adaptations than any other Malagasy environment. In these inhospitable places live strange plants and animals, eg. the tourist (vasahar) trees with white peeling bark and resin, octopus trees (Didiera spp.), radiated tortoises, giant hissing cockroaches, sifaka lemurs and a further baobab species - Adansonia za.

The local tribes inhabit the coast as fishermen (the Vezo) or the desert-like interior (the Mahafaly), where extreme poverty is commonplace. On the journey south are quaint towns of wood craftsmen, wild silk spinners and paper makers as well as the eerie Ihorombe plateau where some members of the Bara tribe have turned to cattle rustling and general banditry, making night travel dangerous & illegal. The sandstone buttes of L’Isalo National Park date to the jurrasic period and make a welcome midway break, rich in geology, plants, animals and tribal significance.

Venue: Building 1, Room 2075 (Lecture Theatre 1, level 2), Unitec Institute of Technology, Entry 1, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert.

Parking available adjacent to Entry 1, around Building 1 or behind Building 12. (Mt Albert campus map, Building 1 map).

CPD: NZILA CPD 0.5 points (category 3d). NZRAB CPD 10 pts (register to sign at seminar). ADNZ CPD 2 points. For further seminar information or to join mailing list contact Work Experience points available for attending BLA students (10).

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