Roy Lilley

  • Roy Lilley

JOB: Principal, Bruce McLaren Intermediate School

QUALIFICATION: Master of Educational Leadership and Management

“It can be tough undertaking a postgraduate degree while still holding down your day job, and the workload, time, deadlines and assessment requirements are challenging. However, I had plenty of motivation knowing it was the right programme to help progress my career, and that I was doing it for the right reasons and not just on a whim. My current school has worked hard on change management and accelerated pupil progress and I am proud that this is now showing positive results.

Our most recent Education Review Office report was particularly positive about the school’s effective distributive leadership model, not only among our staff but among our pupils as well. As this was the topic of my master’s thesis, I am thrilled to see theory being successfully put into practice. I would now like to visit overseas schools similar to ours that have overcome problems and shown accelerated pupil progress.”