Rose Watkins

  • Rose Watkins

JOB: Interior Designer, HBO+EMTB

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Interior Design)

"I've always been interested in art and design, and after a year working as a receptionist at an architecture and interior design office my interest in spatial design was firmly in place. I truly enjoy the range of things that you have to deal with. From large spatial planning to thinking about thread counts in the textiles you want to use, it's this level of detail that makes working in interior design fun and rewarding. I love that my role now also includes numerous site visits and interacting with a whole range of building environment professionals.

Unitec has a multitude of resources for you to use - workshops, laser cutting machines, printmaking studios... Hesitancy on your part will only hinder your ability to create. The sooner you get apt at using the right tools for the job the better your work will become. Also talk, talk, talk to your peers and lecturers. Make sure to bounce ideas off everyone around you and always be open to talk about each other's work. It's integral to your success."