Student services

Our students have been asking us to change the way we deliver our student services, and we’re responding with a commitment to improving their experience in every way.

The drive for change has also been informed by local and international best practice and market insights which point to the need for:

  • More targeted services
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Self-service options online and offline
  • A single point of contact to access any service
  • Better use of technology

We want a future where our student services consistently meet our students’ needs ahead of time. These services will be peer-to-peer and self-service oriented, highly efficient and supported by sophisticated technology. Unitec developed the Blueprint for Student Services document in May 2014 to bring this research together, and guide us through the process of change.

We have been working with students, staff, and specialists to think about how we can take the best of our past and present, to create a range of services that meet the needs of tomorrow’s students.

To date we have:

  • Started work on upgrading the student Hub to create a one-stop experience for student services, including the library, information management services and student central.
  • Made some changes to our library services to give students the tools and support they need to easily access credible information online as well as create and share relevant content with their peers.