Education is changing

Education is changing on a global scale. These changes are driven by the impact of technology on learning and teaching, and the changing expectations of students, employers and governments.

  • Technology is having an unprecedented impact on how we access information and how we learn. There are now a multitude of online learning platforms that allow students to submit their work, communicate with their teachers and peers, access study tool kits, course content, and library resources, and keep tabs on their grades. Technology is also being used to make face-to-face learning highly engaging, collaborative and team-based.
  • Students want value for money. They’re seeking qualifications that will prepare them for the workforce, offering real-world experience so they are highly employable when they graduate.
  • Following the global financial crisis, employers are seeking graduates who can add immediate value to their business. Alongside technical expertise, they’re also looking for soft skills such as team work, collaboration and the abililty to work with their peers from related professions.  
  • Governments are also seeking relevance and value from tertiary education providers. In New Zealand, this translates into graduates who can add value to businesses and communities, and help support the success of our key industries.

Our exciting journey of transformation

We’re responding to these changes by reshaping our organisation. At the core of our transformation is a commitment to providing world-class learning and teaching opportunities that are integrated with industry, ensuring our graduates have the skills and experience required to meet the changing needs of employers and communities.

To support these learning and teaching models, we’re creating new spaces for our students to learn and work, reshaping the services we provide and drastically upgrading our technology.

More specifically we are:

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