This plan

Over the plan period (2017-2018), Unitec will provide teaching services to approximately 20,000 students per year, delivering high-quality graduates to Auckland and New Zealand and contributing to positive economic and social outcomes, at a cost of approximately $250 million.

What we do

Unitec provides teaching, research, and broader community services. We are guided by the Tertiary Education Commission’s goals of (1) a more highly skilled workforce, and (2) a richer New Zealand society and culture.

Our aspiration is to be a world leader in contemporary, applied learning and an agent of positive economic and social change. Our purpose is to enable better futures for students, communities, and public and private enterprise. To achieve these, we have identified four critical success factors:

1) A more highly skilled, innovative, and enterprising New Zealand workforce

2) Highly employable and enterprising life-long learners

3) Engaged and inspired staff equipped with capabilities for our future

4) A financially sustainable Unitec

Unitec is primarily focused on meeting the needs of the associate professional, advanced trades, and technology sectors. We have a particular emphasis on reskilling and continual professional development. We are the leader amongst New Zealand's Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP) in the quality and quantity of our applied research, and are ranked first amongst ITPs in the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) assessment.

Our key goals

Over the plan period and beyond, we have set the following headline performance targets against our critical success factors. Targets for 2017-2018 are firm; for 2019-21 they are indicative.

Unitec investment chart (see the PDF for details)

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