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Orpheus Descending by Tennessee Williams

Unitec Year 2 Acting students feature in the seething, yet thrilling, Southern Gothic re-imagining of the Orpheus Myth, Orpheus Descending.

Late Winter 1958.

In a small town deep in the heart of the American South, Lady is suffocating in a loveless marriage. Here, the sweltering air is thick with bigotry, violence, and heart-breaking secrets.

Then - one night - Val blows into town: a young musician with a snake-skin jacket and mysterious past. The fiery romance that ensues ignites a chain of events that exposes the hypocrisy and brutality of the community, with devastating consequences.

Written as a Southern Gothic re-imagining of the Orpheus Myth, Orpheus Descending captures the seething racial and cultural tensions of 1950s America, and provokes us to reflect on our own society’s treatment of “outsiders”. 

Featuring Unitec’s Year 2 Acting students and directed by Alexandra Whitham.

An Amateur Production of Orpheus Descending by special arrangement with Play Bureau and New Zealand Play Bureau Ltd.

Trigger Warning: This play contains some violent and sexual material. Derogatory labels are used by some characters as an expression of their intolerance, which may offend some viewers. Recommended age: 15+


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Dates and times

Date Time 
Friday 13 September 7.00pm Opening Night
Saturday 14 September  7.00pm
Monday 16 September 7.00pm
Tuesday 17 September 7.00pm
Wednesday 18 September 7.00pm
Thursday 19 September 7.00pm
Friday 20 September 7.00pm
Saturday 21 September 7.00pm Closing Night


Where Unitec Theatre, Building 6, Mt Albert campus

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