COVID-19 update - what you need to know at traffic light levels

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Online meditation, desk-fit yoga, Bollywood dance and boot camp – all in a day’s work for Unitec’s Sustainability & Wellbeing team

Unitec’s Sustainability & Wellbeing team has introduced a range of online activities and initiatives to ensure Unitec staff remain well supported while adjusting to working and teaching from home during lockdown. The team has shared tips on setting up an ergonomic home workspace and creating work-life schedules, including relevant articles and interviews of interest.

Other support has included advice on mental health and wellbeing, including ways to boost immunity and adapt to a new way of living and working, as well as names of agencies to contact for support and assistance, including the Employee Assistance Programme offered by EAP Services. 

The Unitec Staff Wellness programme, usually run on campus, has continued in an online format, including activities such as meditation, a walking club, hula, Bollywood dance and boot camp. These activities are almost all voluntarily run by Unitec staff, all of whom were happy to set up online options so people could continue to engage in their regular wellness sessions.

Staff have set up online chat groups to share ideas for work and home life, including tips for online team meetings and keeping children entertained at home. 

Unitec’s Human Resources team is also making personal calls to staff across all Schools and support teams checking on their welfare, answering questions and advising on issues including mental wellbeing, IT set-up and juggling work-life balance under lockdown. 

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