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One Planet Living: Our Commitment

Unitec has adopted 10 One Planet Living Principles as a sustainability framework focusing on teaching, research, collaboration and greening our campus.

Unitec has a proud history of teaching environmental, social, cultural and economic skills, operating an efficient campus, and tackling complexity with trans disciplinary action, learning and research… but we know that we need to do more.

To do this Unitec has adopted 10 One Planet Living Principles as a sustainability framework focusing on teaching, research, collaboration and greening our campus. We’ve set targets to improve our ecological impact and reduce our carbon footprint by 50%. We aim to deliver Unitec graduates that have the tools and strategies to practice sustainability in real-world situations.

What is One Planet Living?

One Planet Living is an initiative of Bioregional designed to make sustainable living a reality based on reducing our environmental footprints to within the earth’s finite capacity. The initiative provides a vision and a set of guiding principles for a more sustainable world, a world where people lead healthy, happy lives using their fair share of the earth’s resources while leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. New Zealanders, despite our 100% PURE tagline, would need at least two planets to continue to live the way we do, based on our most recent ‘ecological footprint’. By adopting the One Planet Living framework, Unitec has developed a plan to help us create a more sustainable future.

Visit Unitec's One Planet Living website.

What it means for you

Our vision is that every Unitec student develops an understanding of sustainability from an individual, cultural and professional perspective. Unitec students will learn the tools and strategies to practice sustainability principles in real-world situations. We will educate students and staff to recognise the importance of sustainability issues and encourage them to join organisations and communities leading change. Sustainability is a core curriculum component for all programmes.

We want our campuses to be microcosms of sustainable, liveable cities. We want our students to question what we are doing to our planet and why. We want to enable and encourage them to make a meaningful contribution towards a more sustainable future. Most importantly we want them to carry those values with them into their future careers and their lives after Unitec.

What we aim to achieve

“Unitec’s One Planet Action Plan will help us play our part in protecting our environment and using the earth’s resources more wisely,” says Rick Ede, Chief Executive of Unitec. “The plan will help us build a brighter future for our graduates, as we produce leaders in sustainable thinking. We want to help our graduates develop the skills necessary to create a society that values people and the planet, as well as profits, to help address the environmental crisis we face.”

More information

View Unitec's One Planet Living Strategy.

For more information about Unitec’s One Planet Living Strategy or if you would like to discuss sustainability issues at Unitec, please contact Maja Zidov, Sustainability Manager, or 09 815 4321 ext 7012.