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New Programme Launch offer

We are providing international students with the opportunity to receive a $5,000 discount on tuition fees for Master of Applied Business and Master Professional Accounting programmes for students commencing study in semester 2 2021. It’s our way of helping to meet the post-COVID needs of the New Zealand economy. Below are the Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and conditions 

Timing:  this offer is open to applicants who meet:
1. the admission criteria for the programme (as set out in the programme regulations) no later than 30 July 2021 (Expiry Date); and 
2. the eligibility criteria set out below and who are not excluded. 
  1. This offer relates only to International Students living in New Zealand currently and commencing full-time studies in semester 2, 2021 in the School of Applied Business masters’ programmes only. 
  2. If you reduce your study from full to part-time you waive your right to the discount
  3. If you withdraw from the Programme, any refund that you may be entitled to receive will be calculated by reference to the tuition fees paid by you only. The discounted amount cannot be applied against fees for another Programme at Unitec nor can you claim any refund of the discounted amount. 
  4. If you successfully apply for an award or a scholarship in respect of the tuition fees payable for the programme, then the discount will only be applied against the amount payable by you.  If less than $5000 is payable by you, the discount will be reduced to cover the amount payable by you.  
  5. The discount of $5,000 will be refunded in 2 payments of, $2,500 in  the first and second semester of your study. The refund process of discount will begin commences 5 weeks after the standard semester start date, following your refund request.
Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must:
a. Pay their fees for the Programme by close of business on 6th August 2021; and
b. Be accepted into the Programme on a full-time basis (and continue to be a full-time Student throughout the 2021 academic year - eligiblity will be affected if you reduce to part-time study); and
c. Be an International Student who is currently living in New Zealand (as defined in the Education and Training Act 2020); and
d. Not be excluded for any of the reasons set out below. 
Exclusions:  This offer is not available to 
1. current postgraduate students in the School of Applied Business
2. applications that involve assessment of prior learning (APL) and cross credits
3. Domestic Students
4. Off-shore International students 
5. Applicants seeking to study on a part-time basis
6. students who are receiving a full-tuition fees scholarship.
Application of discount:  we will advise you if you are successful in receiving the discount no later than close of business 5 March 2021 (New Zealand time).  
For more details, email: