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Mt Albert Campus Update

The Crown has purchased just over 29 hectares of surplus land from Unitec.  They will be using the land at our Mt Albert campus to build an integrated community of between 3000 - 4000 homes with open spaces, new parks and shops. This will be the first major development under the Government’s KiwiBuild programme.

Why did Unitec sell the land?

We announced our intention to sell surplus land in 2013. Since we first took over the campus it was identified that we had an excess of land and many buildings which are not fit for purpose and require considerable ongoing maintenance.

Development of this land was enabled by the 2016 Unitary Plan which changed the zoning of many areas. This sale releases capital which was locked up in the land and can now be invested back into education.

It also supports the construction of new homes and businesses. By sitting on this land we would have effectively been land-banking at a time when Auckland is in great need of land for new homes.

What is the money being spent on?

The proceeds of the sale will pay off the money that we invested in our new buildings – particularly Te Puna and Mataaho - and will support the continuing development of our facilities to enhance our students’ learning experience. This sale is a great outcome for Unitec and is the result of a huge amount of work to develop and market the land since we announced our intention to sell in 2013.

How will this benefit students?

All proceeds of this sale will support the continuing development of our facilities, designed to support our hand-on approach to teaching and learning. Our aim is to consolidate the campus at the southern end, which will make our teaching facilities and support services more accessible and convenient for students.

When will construction commence?

The Government has yet to announce the detail of their development plans.

Can I buy one of the affordable homes? and who should I talk to?

You’ll need to speak to the new owners.

How will this impact students studying?

There won’t be any impact on students this year and we’ll be handing the land over in three stages up to the end of 2021. That gives us plenty of time to plan and deliver the next phase of our property development to support the movement into the central part of our campus.

If the campus is being consolidated, will Unitec still deliver the same number of courses or will there be a reduction?

The sale will have no impact on the future of our programmes – all students will be provided for when the current buildings are handed over to the new owners and we’ll share regular updates as details become clearer.

Will adequate facilities and resources be in place before the Gate 1 (North) end is relocated and when will this take place?

We don’t have to hand over the Northern part of the campus until the end of 2021. That gives us plenty of time to plan and deliver the next phase of our property development to support the movement of students into other areas as appropriate.

We’ll provide more information as the Government releases more details of their development plans. You can read the Minister of Housing and Urban Development’s announcement and please let us know if you have any further questions.