Matthew Covich (Te Rarawa)

  • Mathew Covich

JOB: Pipeline Engineering Surveyor, Warren King & Company

QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Land Surveying

“I chose the Diploma in Land Surveying because I needed a change and more of a challenge from my previous work situation. I really enjoyed the variety of subjects covered, and the mixture of theory and practical work. It’s a very valuable qualification if you want to be involved in an internationally recognised profession. I love the outdoor and physical nature of the job, as well as the challenges that arise on a regular basis. Nothing can quite prepare you for the kind of work I’m doing, but having the knowledge there helps when something new or different comes up. Doing fly-in fly-out work (FIFO) gives you plenty of travel opportunities too. I’m proud of being involved in the GLNG gas pipeline project since the beginning, and I’m hoping to see out the project before settling in New Zealand with another surveying firm.”