Make your mark as a Class Rep

  • Class Rep

If you like the idea of advocating for your class here at Unitec, then put yourself forward to become a Class Representative today.

Becoming a class representative is a great way to contribute to the student experience in a positive, effective and well-supported system. It's experience that looks great on your CV to show your leadership and influencing skills, and a great way to meet like-minded students who want to give students the best experience possible.

Your main role as Class Rep will be to act as a point of communication between your classmates, our staff, and the Student Council. There will be opportunities to share news about and influence decisions or changes that affect your class, to support your classmates with any concerns they may have about the paper or programme, or to lead class events to bring your peers even closer together.

Our Student Representation team will help you at every step of the way. They'll take you through a short leadership training programme, and link you up with our network of close to 200 student representatives, volunteers and advocates across Unitec. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with others, and combine your efforts on common projects to help improve the student experience on an ongoing basis.

To get started, talk to your class lecturer or tutor to express your interest in becoming a Class Rep. 

Then, contact our indepedent Student Representation team at or call free on 0800 10 95 10 ext 7380 for support to take your interest in the role forward.

Good luck!