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Joanne Cunningham

  • Joanne Cunningham

JOB: Intermediate English Teacher, AWI International Education Group

QUALIFICATION: Certificate in Language Teaching

“Teaching was something I thought about on and off over the years. I volunteered for Adult Literacy and did teacher aide work at the Mangere Refugee Centre and enjoyed it so much that I decided to get a qualification. I initially thought that changing careers at 47 would be difficult, but having life experience has actually proved to be an asset.  Having two young adult children and a teenager myself has also been really helpful in relating to and understanding my young students.

Unitec has a great feel, great resources and the tutors are all incredibly supportive. I liked having students to teach, and every day I refer back to what I learned and practised during the course. I absolutely love my job now. It’s challenging and interesting and I am proud to have consistently positive feedback from my students and colleagues.”