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Jerry Li

  • Jerry Li

JOB: Testing Analyst, Yellow Pages Group™

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Computing Systems 

"I love computing, and I liked that Unitec’s Bachelor of Computing Systems was practical, not just covering the theory. My final-year project was a testing project for the Yellow Pages Group™ – and at the end I got an A- for the project and the sponsoring organisation offered me a job. Now testing is my career. I believe the final-year project changed my life – without this real-life project I don’t think I could have found such a good job straight away after studying. The final-year project and the Unitec project coordinator helped me find what I like and discover my potential. It certainly helped me complete the transition from school to industry.

Take your time and make sure you choose the electives you like. I’m finding my degree very relevant to my job now, and I really enjoy the challenges in my work. I want to continue my adventure in software testing – there is so much to learn! My next goals are to pass the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) test and invent more automated testing suites for my project."