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Important notice to current and prospective BPSA students

11 July 2022

Upcoming changes to the BPSA delivery (for Acting and Screen Arts)

As you may be aware, the delivery of the BPSA (Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts) programme is scheduled to relocate from its current campus location, at the end of 2021.

For Acting and Screen Arts students, this means that from 2022 onwards, the majority of your classes will be delivered from a new location on Unitec’s Mt Albert campus that is closer to the central Te Puna hub. From time-to-time classes will also be delivered elsewhere in Auckland.  As a Unitec student, you will be supported through any changes that might impact you.

Intake pause for Level 5 (Year 1) Dance enrolments for 2022

Please note: Applications for the 2023 Semester 1 are now open.

Unitec has paused the 2022 intake for the Level 5 (Year 1) Dance programme in the Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts and won’t be accepting enrolments for the first-year Dance programme. 
New intakes for Acting and Screen Arts are not affected, and the Level 6 and 7 (Years 2 and 3) Dance cohorts will continue with a combination of on-campus and off-site delivery in 2022. Unitec is in the process of securing a suitable community-based dance studio for this purpose. 

Why is there a pause for Year 1 dance?

The Dance discipline requires specialised technical spaces, which will no longer be available on campus from the end of the year, following the sale of Unitec land and buildings in 2018 to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Development (MHUD), which must be vacated by December 2021.  

The pause in first year enrolments allows time for redevelopment of the dance programme over the next few months, realigning the programme with Unitec’s new footprint and exploring opportunities operating in a mixed delivery model to ensure long-term growth and sustainability of the programme. 

We will update our website, in due course, once further details are available. If you have any queries and would like to talk to one of our team, please call us on 0800 109 510.