How exercise can help your study efforts

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There are both physical and mental benefits to exercise during your time as a student. Read on to find out more about why physical activity is great for you!

After a long period of solid study, you start to feel your eyes drooping and your mind wandering to what's happening outside. Reading the next line in your textbook, you realise that nothing is sinking in.

Sound familiar? Well, it looks like you need a break outside or in the gym.

Studying can sometimes be a tedious process and this is where exercise comes to the rescue!

Supporting the brain - the body's command centre

According to Harvard Medical School, exercise stimulates the release of various growth factors that help develop and repair brain cells. As both memory and thinking are linked to the health of brain cells, you can improve your chances of remembering that key fact in an exam by getting a little bit of fresh air.

Now if only it could help you remember where the car keys are, too...

exercise increases brain functionality
Regular exercise can support brain functions such as memory.


Calming that roller coaster of emotions

Being a student is great ... sometimes. For all the highs of good marks, there is also the stress of submitting an assignment on time and making each class.

If you're feeling stressed during a study session, one positive way of dealing with these feelings is through exercise, explains the Heart Foundation.

Simply going for a 20-minute walk or completing a short fitness circuit will release neurochemicals such as endorphins into your brain. These are known as 'feel good' chemicals that get rid of stress hormones and can alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Head down to your local Rebel Sport or Stirling Sports and pick up everything you need to start your exercise program. Clothing, shoes, drink bottles, skipping ropes, cones, weights, etc - all these are positive investments in your health!

How Unitec can help your exercise efforts

squash centre
Check out the National Squash Centre.


We understand the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health and aim to provide you with all the facilities you need on campus. At the Mt Albert Campus, there is a sports centre and gym that offers specialist exercise classes and a fully equipped gym. If you fancy a little ball on wall action, there's the National Squash Centre next door where students get discounted rates!

Alternatively, you can join one of our student clubs. Badminton, basketball, football, volleyball - escape the books and enjoy getting some exercise with your fellow students.

Get in touch with our helpful support team for more information about enhancing your time studying at Unitec.