Henrietta Wilar

  • Henrietta Wilar

JOB: Personal Assistant to NZ General Manager, Sistema Plastics Ltd

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 

"I love the variety of my role. It’s a combination of account management, sales, marketing, advertising, and some operation and stock management. The FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) world was new to me as I was in the IT industry previously so I had to learn the ropes. Understanding the basic principles of business was a big help – it applies in every market, not just IT and FMCG. I graduated from Unitec thinking I knew everything, yet when you’re faced with real-life situations you realise the importance of experience.

Unitec gives you a great foundation in business, marketing and management, and you need this basis to develop the knowledge and skills to fly solo in the business world. I’m proud that I got into the FMCG business arena without prior experience and I’ve been told that this is a very difficult thing to do. We won the Warehouse 2012 Supplier of the Year Supreme award so all the hard work paid off!”