Haylea Muir

  •  Haylea Muir

JOB: Senior Landscape Architect, Isthmus Group

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

"Dealing with so many different levels of scale is something I love. In one week I can be involved with anything from a 40-hectare land development through to a small playground for children. Working on children's play spaces offers up all kinds of surprises. No matter how you think something may work once it is built, kids will use it in ways you never expected. We do our best to create spaces that encourage imagination and discovery, and it's amazing what can unfold.

I have become really passionate about designing places for children to play and was part of a design team that created award- winning areas in Auckland's Hobsonville Point and Wynyard Quarter. I am currently working on two more play spaces in the city and will be thrilled if these end up as popular, challenging and well-loved like the others."