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Did you know over 25,000 programmes and TV series recorded from over 45 domestic and international television channels are available for viewing any time on eTV?

Well now you do - and because you're a Unitec student, our library team is proud to offer you access to this service absolutely free while you study. eTV is available to all students and staff as a learning resource to support your course work, assignments, essays, dissertations or presentations, with content you can easily cite of you need to.

You can even use eTV just to learn something new and entertain yourself with content you may not be able to access free at home.

Register yourself here today for this fabulous learning resource. Simply follow the instructions given to set up and activate your very own account.

Our friendly information experts at Unitec libraries are happy help with any eTV or other learning resource queries you may have, so you can get the most out of your study experience.