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Equity and inclusion at Unitec

Think outside the box, look inside the person. At Unitec we see the value in diversity.

Nobody is one-dimensional - there are many sides to each of us. That's what makes us so unique. It's these differences that make Unitec such a truly unique work and study environment - vibrant, innovative, highly productive and bursting with creativity.

Harnessing the benefits of diversity requires an inclusive, flexible and equitable working and learning environment; one that encourages and values difference and embraces diverse perspectives.

We are all responsible for cultivating an environment that recognises the value in our differences and uses them to achieve the best possible educational, business and community outcomes.

It also means creating an environment free from:

  • Unfair treatment
  • Exclusionary behaviour
  • Sexual, racial or any other form of harassment
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination based on membership in a social or cultural group.

If you see or experience any of these behaviours, please contact the Equity and Inclusion Manager for confidential help and advice.

The following equity and inclusion initiatives are in place at Unitec to support staff and students:

  1. ALLY Network
  2. Countering Harassment and Bullying workshops
  3. Engaging with Religious Diversity workshops
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