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EduHack: Cultural

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A 48-hour Hackathon for Unitec students and staff to create and collaborate to make a difference in education.

EduHack is an opportunity to showcase the talent of our current students and how they demonstrate their skills in a real-world setting. The hackathon also aims to provide students with an opportunity to network with our Industry Partners.

Participants of this event will be able to utilise skills gained at Unitec as well as use the tools provided by IBM and Datacom to create and collaborate to make a difference in education.

The title of this education hackathon is ‘Cultural’ –  the theme of the hackathon is making education more culturally accessible. This means that participants are challenged with generating new ideas and solutions that enhance, improve, or support the important role that culture plays in education – helping open education engage with the indigenous culture of Aotearoa.

Students will be tasked to work across a number of disciplines with the aim to challenge the current educational system by addressing issues such as:

  • how to reach hard-to-reach potential learners,
  • how to make education relevant and applicable for the future,
  • how to attract more Māori and Pacifica,
  • how to accommodate those who are in the workforce already but are wanting to upskill, and
  • how to make our education cross-cultural and therefore welcoming.

EduHack will start off with team-forming, where participants can join a team, start a team, or get extra team members to join in on helping out where there are skill gaps.

Places are limited, so get in quick! Click below to register your interest. Registrations close 24 October 2019.

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